we need translate text to japanese and chinese

I talking about text in videos bought by users. Really i dont like to waste time for rendering video. It take so much time, but greedy people forced us to that.
I know we cant stop that proceed, buy we can inform people about adventages and disadventages.
Thats why we need text in 3 most popular languages on site – english, japanese and chinese.
So if someone want help our society, he can translate this text to japanese and chinese
vide bought by users from
join to us to ger more stuff together!

if you watch this on other site you support wrong guys.
remember, less support we get, less videos you will see so you lose too.
of course best way is to support author.
We have in premium section 900 posts. Looks like not everyone ais such a greedy person to beg on other sites for free copies than send few dollars to get stuff together! 😉 (more…)

Patch 2.4 – forum, msg box, hidden links, your propositions?

Probably soon we can say, everything works fine after our latest problems.
We can think, what modifications we should implement in next patch.
Updates depend on you, guys. More people will support site, more options we have.
Especially now, when we need pay more for our few premium servers.
Support doesnt mean only about buying premium, but advertise our site, helping to get new users, items etc.

Anyway. Some of my ideas.

– Forum. People have lot of questions, topics to discuss. Talking in random post about random topics isnt good idea, especially long discuss.
– Notifications. When your write some comment you dont want to check this post everyday to see, that someone answered you.
– Hidden premium links, posts. Now premium links are visible to everyone, but only premium have access to use it.
Some posts should be hidden for normal users and this should solve some problems with removed files.

If you have some ideas that can help you, users to use site easier, better, give more possibilities, you can write a comment.

Yeah, people who had premium while server was down will get premium back. Just be patient and wait for post in news category about that.

Why everyone should help our society to get more popularity?

I understand the objective of our society is to collect items that are not available in internet.
Users bought together lot of items, so i encourage everyone to interest in coin system or help us to get more users if you want to see more unique stuff!

Soon site gonna have 3 years old.
– 4 000 posts, probably the biggest ero cosplay database
– hundreds unique stuff bought by users invidually or bought by coin system.
– wishlist system, that everyone can add post.
– cheap premium system available for everyone, not like closed groups for choosen.
– nice comment system.
– lot of tags that can help you to find items you are interested.
– cooperation with some cosplayers, photographers, companies

And much more small and big things that help us to create our nice society.
We are unique, thats why we have lot of bad people who attacks us. We had in past lot of problems, but as you see we are not give up.
Users creating society, so caring about society is caring about yourself 😉

Get free premium for refflinks

New DRM protection from r18. Now blocking desktop recording

japanese adult movies are from few categories who annoy clients with DRM protections. we have 2018 year, where people can watch adult videos by one click for free on pornhub, xvideos and other adult sites.
To this time i used shadowplay (nvidia) to record desktop, but now r18 demand windows 10 users to use player from microsoft store, that block shadowplay. Before there was a downloadable player.
I checked camstudio, same result. I know other big groups like using record method. we will see, what now gonna do.

Also is one way to check.
As i said, r18 forced users to use program from microsoft store, but for windows 10 users. Maybe on windows 7 old player works.
If you know some solution you can write it here.

I have special request for chinese users to watch chinese jav sites, to check how they gonna avoid this problem.

Tips to reduce bitoin price.

Bitcoin price change every day, also fees arent stable. Few tips to reduce fees.
1. First of all you need to use that bitcoin provider that give you option to use segwit.
quotation “Segregated Witness reduces the size of bitcoin transactions, allowing for an average bitcoin miner fee reduction of over 40%.”
Personally i use electrum bitwallet. if i need buy, sell bitoins i using my local site, that too use segwit, but i said local i mean Poland. You need to check yourself bitoins markets, cantors in your country.

2. Choice that bitcoin provider, bitwallet that give you option to set fees manually. Remember, lower fees you set, more time you will wait until transaction gonna confirmed, so be carefull.

3. Better buy more than less. Now bitoin isnt friendly for small transactions. To be honest 2$ premium is only for people who dont trust us and want to check site. There is lot of cheat spam site that nothing give after payment. We creating society for more than 2 years, so we created reilable site.

4. If fees are too high better hold.

About question about other payment. To be honest i want to poke when i hear that, especially when i see question about paypal, where you can find answer in FAQ.
About other cryptocurrency, inpay said, maybe in future they gonna implement litecoin, but noone know about date.