Chinese, Koreans, Thai’s and other Asians. Share your stuff.

We are not only japanese cosplay database. We contain sexy cosplay from whole world.
For example i know there is lot of stuff from China, but im not from there so hard to search chinese sites.
Will be good, if non-japanese users will activate, because really, we have small count stuff from Asia (im not count Japan).
Also im not talking about sharing only, but we have WISHLIST system. You cad add yourself stuff that you want to get with outher users.

And if someone can share me some weibo account (i had one but now is not active somehow), because weibo have lot of free stuff.

Broken HDD + everyone can help with reupload.

1 from my 5 HDD was broken and thats mean problem.
Biggest problem is with old stuff that was in that HDD.
If someone want help us to stand back on feet faster, they can reupload stuff that is deleted on
If somebody will take this serious and will gonna do big job i will think about some gifts.

list od files that i dont have
(good first to ask, do we have it, because we reuploading stuff in real time)

Good if uploaded copies gonna have that files, because our links gonna be copied on other sites.

About other files, yes i uploading it, but as other topic said its hundreds deleted files so this take very long time, but if you will help with it, that process can be end sooner.

Big video migration to premium section

Because i get dozen of reports about dead links i need to write this here. i know about that, you dont need to report me. I cant reupload hundreds dead files in 1 month (maybe if i will stop adding daily stuff),
Soon files will be uploaded and this time deleted files will be moved to premium section.
Thats why i appeal to everyone to think about consequences, and do not share files anywhere.
If we get problem with files in premium section we will need to think about dedicated server faster than we thought.
Thats mean bigger prices for premium accounts. We will not give up! So support us!

Users who sent coins but they dont want to take them back

This is funny issue. We have some posts with coins. Problem is in that, this stuff was sent by someone or found in internet. That mean i will not take users coins for something, that we get for free in internet. That would be little unfair, and not for that people trust me and help this site.
Thats why in profile you have option to take back your coins.

I wrote to users who sent bigger ammount of coins (i dont want to lose time to write to 50 users who sent 1-10 coins to post). No respond and action for their side.
I think about some solution in thus situation.
Lets say if users will not take back their coins after 3 months, coins will be moved to post having most coins.
Someone can say “why you not send it back to users manually?”. If somone are not interested about his coins after 3 months, probably account is inactive, so in the end coins will be too inactive. I can say for my pocket is very good situation, because more inactive coins than more money i have, thats why i preffer to move that coins to some other posts that have some coins to complete that process.

Tell me what you think about that. What we should do with users that they dont want to take their coins back, or better, what to to with that coins?

Cosplayers! We waiting for your partnership with us!

We are probably site nr 1 of ero-cosplay*. Thats mean we are great place to help cosplayers to get popularity, fans etc.
Also users have different relationship with some random cosplayer than someone who is “our cosplayer”.
Dotations, giving support some cosplayer? For what?
Dotations, giving support for OUR cosplayer? Hell yeah, because she will have with us interaction, she will deal with our opinions, suggestions etc.
We have some affect for her action, work etc.

So you are cosplayer? pm me and lets talk about terms of our partnership. REMEMBER! We are not porn site, we are ero-cosplay site. You dont need to do sexual act (unless you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).
You are just a user? Search, talk with some cosplayers you know, talk to them, there is some site that can help you get popularity, fans, support!

*if we count sites that focus only in that category).



あなたはコスプレイヤー? それなら私にダイレクトメールを送って我々との関係について話し合いましょう。おっと、このサイトは決してエロサイトではなく、エロコスプレサイトなのですから、あなたの作品が成人向けである必要はありません。(もちろんそうならば止めはしませんが( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
あなたは単なるユーザー? ならばあなたの知ってるコスプレイヤーに話しかけ、あなたが知名度を得る手段としてこのようなサイトが有るということを教えてあげましょう!

~translated by kitanaininja




~translated by nayonaka

KOREAN (한국어)

우리는 아마 넘버 원 에로-코스프레 사이트입니다. 그렇다는건 우리는 코스플레이어들이 유명세와 팬 등을 얻도록 도와줄 수 있는 좋은 곳이라는 겁니다.
또한 유저들은 ‘Our Cosplayer ‘기부를 통해 다른 코스플레이어보다 더 특별한 관계를 가질 수 있습니다.
코스플레이어에게 지원을? 무엇을 위해서 하는걸까요?

몇몇 코스플레이어들을 지원하는 기부?

‘우리’의 코스플레이어를 지원하는 기부?

바로 그렇습니다

왜냐면 그녀는 우리와의 상호교류를 할 수 있고, 그녀는 우리의 의견을 들어줄 수 있습니다, 제안같은 것도요.
우리는 그녀의 행동에 영향을 줄 수 있습니다, 활동도 말이죠.

당신은 코스플레이어이신가요?
저에게 개인 메세지를 주세요. 그리고 우리가 파트너쉽을 가질 기간에 대해서 이야기해보도록 해봐요
우리는 포르노 사이트가 아닌,에로-코스프레 사이트입니다.
당신은 성적인 활동을 할 필요가 없습니다 (당신이 원하지 않는다면요 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).
당신은 그냥 유저입니까?
찾아보시고, 당신이 아는 코스플레이어들과 이야기 해보세요.
그들에게 이야기해주세요.
너에게 인기, 팬, 지원을 도와줄 몇몇 사이트가 있다는 것을.
~translated by Pallas


Có lẽ chúng tôi là điểm truy cập số 1 về ero-cosplay*. Điều đó cũng có nghĩa đây là nơi tuyệt vời giúp đỡ các cosplayer trở nên phổ biến, có thêm fan, …

Người dùng cũng có thể có mối quan hệ khác nhau với những cosplayer ngẫu nhiên, hơn là những người là “cosplayer của chúng tôi”.
Đóng góp, hỗ trợ những cosplayer? Để làm gì?
Đóng góp, hỗ trợ những cosplayer CỦA CHÚNG TÔI? Quá tuyệt, vì cô ấy sẽ có sự tương tác với chúng tôi, cô ấy sẽ đối diện với những ý kiến, lời khuyên, … của chúng tôi.
Chúng tôi có gây một vài ảnh hưởng tới hành động, việc làm, … của cô ấy.

Vậy bạn là cosplayer? Gửi tin nhắn cho chúng tôi và cùng nhau nói về những sự hợp tác của chúng ta. HÃY NHỚ! Chúng tôi không phải nơi truy cập khiêu dâm, mà là ero-cosplay. Bạn không cần phải hành động tình dục (trừ khi bạn muốn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)).

*nếu chúng tôi đếm những site chỉ tập trung vào thể loại đó
~translated by quachtridat



POLISH (Polski)

Jesteśmy prawdopodobnie ero-cosplay stroną nr 1.* To znaczy, że jesteśmy bardzo dobrym miejscem, by pomóc cosplayerkom zdobyć popularnośc, fanów itp.
Również userzy mają inne podejście do jakieś randomowej cosplayerki a do takiej, która jest “naszą cosplayerką”.
Dotacje, wspieranie jakieś cosplayerki? Po co?
Dotacje, wspieranie NASZEJ cosplayerki? Pewnie! Ponieważ ona będzie miała z nami pewną interakcje, będzie liczyć się z naszą opinią, sugestiami itd.
Mamy pewien wpływ na jej akcje, pracę itp.

Tak więc jesteś cosplayerką? Napisz do mnie i porozmawiajmy o warunkach naszej współpracy. PAMIĘTAJ, my nie jesteśmy porno stroną, jesteśmy ero-stroną. Nie musisz wykonywać żadnych czynności seksualnych (chyba, że chcesz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).
Jesteś tylko userem? Szukaj, rozmawiaj z cosplayerkami które znasz, porozmawiaj z nimi, że jest taka strona, która może im pomóc zdobyć popularność, fanów, wsparcie!
*jeżeli weźmiemy pod uwagi strony, które głównie skupiają się na tej kategorii.

SPANISH (Español)

Nosotros somos probablemente el sitio numero 1 de cosplay erótico*. Esto significa que nosotros somos un lugar genial para ayudar a cosplayers a obtener popularidad, fans, etc.

También hay usuarios que tienen diferentes relaciones con algún que otro cosplayer que con alguien que es ”nuestro cosplayer”.
Donaciones, apoyando algún cosplayer? para que?
Donaciones, dando apoyo para NUESTROS cosplayer? oh si!, por que ella va a tener interacción con nosotros, ella va a acordar con nuestras opiniones, sugerencias, etc.

Así que sos cosplayer? mandame pm y hablemos sobre los términos de nuestra asociación. ACORDATE! Nosotros no somos un sitio porno, nosotros somos un sitio de cosplay erótico. No necesitas hacer actos sexuales (excepto que quieras ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).

Sos solo un usuario? Busca, habla con algún cosplayer que conozcas, hablales, aquí es el sitio que puede ayudarte a conseguir popularidad, fans, apoyo!
*Si contamos los sitios que solo se enfocan en esa categoría.
~translated by Gandalfr


Nós somos provavelmente o site numero 1 de ero-cosplay, Isso significa que somos um otimo lugar para ajudar cosplayers a
conseguir popularidade, fans, etc.
Tambem, existe usuarios que tem diferente relações com cosplayers aleatoria, do que com alguem que é “Nosso cosplayer”.
Doações, dando suporte para algum cosplayer? para que?
Doaçãos, dar suporte para nossos cosplayers? oh yeah, por que ela tera interação com nós, ouvirar nossasopnições, nossas sugestões, et
Nós teremos afeto pela ação dela, trabalho, etc.

Então você é um cosplayer? Manda um Pm e vamos converçar sobre termos do nosso acordo. LEMBRE-SE! Nós não somos um site porno,
Nós somos um site de ero-cosplay, você não precissa fazer atos sexuas (a menos que você queira ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).
Você é apenas um usuario? Procure falar com os cosplayers que você conhece, fale com eles, aqui é um site que podemos ajudar a conseguir
popularidade, fans,suporte@

*Se nós contarmos o site que se encaixão nessa categoria
~translated by rere2052


And help us to translate it to other languages that you know!

Create tutorial how you buy bitoin, get 90 premium days!

Lot of users never used bitcoin before and have problem with it. As i said, i cant create tutorial, how to buy bitcoin for everyone, because its about your country.
I asked in many news topics, that would be great if someone create how he buying bitoin in his country, but noone want help his countrymens.
So thats why i giving you guys small encourage – 90 premium days.



CN ver.


为了举例我将展示一个例子—如何使用multibit HD软件通过银行转账在波兰购买bitcoin
~translated by Cholo


Premium users, recommend your anime screenshots as an animots!

Premium users, you can recommend your proposition.
Some rules.
1. upload image on some image hosting and copy link.
2. Send only screenshots from anime and with good quality (min. 450px width).
3. We can accept GIFs but with small amount of frames.
All links need to be first approved, so dont worry if other users dont see your comment.
5. I will accept that screenshots that i will pick. Thats mean i will not approve every proposition.
6. Please, dont add more than 10 proposition per user (for now).
7. Focus on characters that we dont have. Lot reaction of 1 char is boring.

Competitive sites reporting our files. Help in counter attack.

Some of our files in premium section “only” was reported and now i trying to release them back writing to file hosting support
As you see if some site doing something more than copy other links, competitive sites gets mad, because they lose money, because people supporting us, not them.
If you want to help you can report their links like they do to us.
if you know what site is, you know what to do. report all their files.
site name is cosplay.jav.xx (censored domain, because i just dont want to do for them free advertise. pm me for full adress on

We done in this 2 years more than other site in full life. WE WILL NOT SURRENDER. WE WILL GO FORWARD.

No mega, openload links anymore? Lets think about our dedicated server.

Most of our users from Asia, so we need to think about server in this region.
If somebody have competence in this category, good to see some advices and recommendation, because unfortunately, dedicated servers, CDN are very expensive in Asia. Cost much more than servers in North America and Europe

Maybe i should start from beginning.
If we want go on next stage we need think about our own file hosting.
Mega, openload have their limits, and the biggest problem are copyrights dispute.
This is the minus of free file hostings. Some of premium users copying our links to other sites. This is not smart action, because sooner or later files gonna be deleted.
We cant stop this prodedure and i cant just non-stop reupload files, thats why our dedicated server is a solution.

So pluses of our or file hosting server.
– files will not gonna be deleted.
– Probably no more many packs. 1 source, one file. You will get video online that you can also donwload.
– openload have ads, so when we drop it you will never see any ads from our side.
– if we found good server near Asia, you will see fast connection and video buffering.

– premium price from actually 2$ will go probably to 2.99$ monthly.

First we will test that probably on, next on, but first we need to find cheap server in Asia or near Asia.
So if someone know good server provider with good connection to Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea etc. they can help us and recommend something.