Many of you asking about some other way for communication. Now i will said something about social media.
facebook – restricted about adult stuff, especially dont like it because they spy their users, and censoring right wing content, and force promoting homo lobby.
twitter – twitter is nice, but have big minus. lengh limit. Also there are sits lot of cosplayer sellers, so better if they dont find us in some hashtag, right?
weibo – sorry, but this site is for chinese. One nice user help me to create there account, because i need to add chinese phone number. But what which other users without chinese phone numbers?

So i read about and i will try it for this momment.
(only for +18)

Social media without censore.
Every message is enscrypted so you dont need to worry about your privacy.
Its open source social media!
Its not restricted by countries, so everyone can register.
There is one minus or maybe unknown. Terms of use said about no pornography but in other way you have button to mark adult content. I saw that trick and other companies. Orobably they accept adult stuff “non-official”. Official is restricted because they dont want to lose advertisers.

So guys, tell me, what you think about that?
And second. Tell me, what you want to see, talk in our social media profile?
I think there is no sense writing about new added posts.




(subscriber) 5 November 2016 04:03

Ummmmm….Registered an account
But the interface is a bit disappointing
anyway keeping a backup is essential
even if using this

Quite OK using Minds



(administrator) 5 November 2016 10:46

As you see, site is still in beta phase.
Good just to have some social media profile, because i dont want to create topic in news category about small things. Also when something happen with site, for example will go down, good to have some way to communicate, especially now, when some chinese guy encourage people for ddosing us (but as you see cloudflare doing their job.)