You want stuff that is only for Japan citizens? We can get it

Lot of stuff can be delivered only by buying CD, DVD, so if you live outside Japan you have problem.
This is one of many reason why non-japanese users need, because they have no option to get that stuff.
So in this way you can only get it by finding come copy in internet.
Because we are the only one open group site that we obtain stuff, users trust us, also many people want to help us.
Thats why many Japanese people want to help their “JAV friends” 😉
So you can add every ROM to wishlist and get stuff together even if its only for Japanese citizens.

We dont care, are you Japanese, Chinese, Asian, European, are you white, black, yellow etc.
We are open group without borders.



~translated by Nayonaka


New “miss Admin”? Probably. Say Hi to Natalia.

i tried to find someone who will take role of administrator on
So you can say hi to my friend, Natalia. She is 20 years old student and have work.
Thats why i said “probably” new admin, because studying + work = not much time.
I think kind words from you, guys and some money from loliconjav premium accounts that would get, mobilize her to work on site 😉

Bonus – pic!




~translated by Nayonaka


Solutions for download limits.

Because introduced some limit few months ago, you have simple solutions for this problem.
1. If you have dynamic IP, you just need to restart internet modem.
2 If you have static IP, you need to clone MAC adress in router.
3. Of course you have also openload links.


~translated by nayonaka

KOREAN (한국어)

mega.nz는 몇 개월 전에 몇 가지 제한을 도입 했으므로이 문제에 대한 간단한 해결책이 있습니다.
1. 유동 IP를 사용하는 경우 인터넷 모뎀을 다시 시작하면됩니다.
2 고정 IP가있는 경우 라우터에서 MAC 주소를 복제해야합니다.
3. 물론 링크를여십시오. / 물론 당신은 링크를 가지고 있어야합니다.
~translated by maka9635



Por causa do introduzir limites alguns meses atrás, você tem uma solução simples para esse poblema
1. Se o seu ip for dinamico, Você precisa reiniciar o modem.
2. Se for estatico, você precissa clonar uma rota de mac no roteador.
3. E claro, você tem os links Openload.
~translated by rere2052


Less videos daily, prices in wishlist

– 98% of stuff in wishlist have coin price!
– I need to add less videos daily (now 1 per day)
We are close to reach 2000 cosplay videos. Thats also mean we have problem to get new stuff.
What we can do in this situation?
We encourage you to help us by sending to us links to videos that we dont have.
Users need to focus on coin system. If every user from 100 will buy coins for 2$, you get purchase ROMs for 200$.
Remember, you decide for what stuff you send coins and you can take them back if you change your mind (option in profile).

Language barrier. How to solve the biggest problem on site?

I dont want to write this in patch 2.4 topic, because i think this issue should be taken in seprated disccussion and everyone should think, how we should solve language barrier problem.
Most of the users on site are from Asia. Everyone know Asians have more problems with english than for example Europeans. This isnt something bad and strange, because Asian need to learn new alphabet, latin. So we need to help somehow people that are really bad in english, they also shy and they dont want even to try talk in english. And i talk about people that really dont know english, not like me. I sucks but i think my main sentence are understandable 😉

My first idea is something like that.
Every non-english comment will be detected (i need to talk with webdeveloper to pick best option for that), and in main comment everyone will se translated text by google.
There will be hidden below original text, that everyone can exand (something like our “show description” in posts).
I know google translator isnt good option to translate long sentences, but this is only first step to solve the problem with people, that doing offtop, they advertise something, threaten someone etc.
Second step. We will need people that will want to help their contrymens and they will get special rank – “translator”.
Translators will be able to edit post, to add translated version.

In this way people that have the biggest problem with english can comment without any shy, because really, we need to know opinion of everyone.
This is my first idea, so i waiting for your opinions, and your solution for that problem. our choice for social media communication?

Many of you asking about some other way for communication. Now i will said something about social media.
facebook – restricted about adult stuff, especially dont like it because they spy their users, and censoring right wing content, and force promoting homo lobby.
twitter – twitter is nice, but have big minus. lengh limit. Also there are sits lot of cosplayer sellers, so better if they dont find us in some hashtag, right?
weibo – sorry, but this site is for chinese. One nice user help me to create there account, because i need to add chinese phone number. But what which other users without chinese phone numbers?

So i read about and i will try it for this momment.
(only for +18)

Social media without censore.
Every message is enscrypted so you dont need to worry about your privacy.
Its open source social media!
Its not restricted by countries, so everyone can register.
There is one minus or maybe unknown. Terms of use said about no pornography but in other way you have button to mark adult content. I saw that trick and other companies. Orobably they accept adult stuff “non-official”. Official is restricted because they dont want to lose advertisers.

So guys, tell me, what you think about that?
And second. Tell me, what you want to see, talk in our social media profile?
I think there is no sense writing about new added posts.

Patch 2.4 in december or january. What premium users want?

Because we still grow up, we have more premium users, so we can do upgrades often.
In this patch we focus especially for options for premium users, but not only.
Some ideas.
– Chat for premiums. Asking, talking about many things in random posts creating offtop and this is not good.
Chat will solve this problem. For premiums only, because i dont have time and strength to fight with spammers.
– Viewing other users profiles. You can see, what other users added posts, their favourites list etc.
– sorting by coin price. Sometimes people want to see, what posts are cheapest or most expensive.
– Notifications when someone answered you for your comment.
– Post subscribtions. When you want to observe some comments in posts.
– Maybe private messages for premiums.
– new rank: cosplayer. We are good place for promoting. We are watched by many cosplayers, normal and ero.
Good to have contact with users, so if you see someone with cosplayer rank, you can be sure its verificated profile.

Im also open for yours idea, what option, modification we should implement on site.

Problem with some chinese closed group

I thought we ended this topic, but again i gets lof messages, because probably Munster started fight again in other site with one group.
Maybe because we talked about that in some random topic, not in news topic. So all problem in this issue will be solved in this post.

So there is some closed chinese group, that buys stuff. It works about simple system. To be a member you need to be recommended by someone from group, and you need to pay membership fees.
Everything was great, because owner of that group earn lot of money to this time. Some stuff was go out, but that was not a often done. But over 1 year ago situation changed a little because i created Because we are not another copy-paste site, people started support our project, even some members of closed groups.
Members of that group preffer opened group with small membership fees like our 2$, not 10,20$ in closed group, so they started helping us.
Of course greedy owner of closed group start losing money, so thats why they attacking us in other sites, forums. (more…)

More coins – lower prices!

I decided to more ajust price to currency.
While dollar is stable and much stronger, relative to yen, you can get more coins for lower prices.
So now i will often exchange rates. But this also mean, if dollar will go down, you will get less coins.
But dollar isnt bitcoin. Its a stable currency, so dont worry about frequent changes.