Patch 2.3! whats new?

Its a 4rd patch in this 1 year of site operation. Probably only we doing some upgrades, because we are not another copypasta site 😉
In this patch you wouldnt see nothing special, any new system, super option, by important amenities.

– REFFLINKS. You will get 20% premium days of every registered user from your refflink, that will buy premium status. For example, if refflinked user will buy 30 premium days, you will get 6 premium days. So is for somebody 2$ monthy is expensive (rly?), you can reffer our site, finds 5 people that will be interested in premium, and you will get free premium every month.
– EMOTICONS! Click on cat icon in comment panel to see anime emots. Because i cant add in short time lot of emots, you need to be patient.
Also i will create soon topic in news category, and users will can give some offer of anime screenshot reaction. Of course i will only take attention on premium users offers.
– TAKE BACK YOUR COINS. You can take back your coins from post (profile > your donations), but taking back coins will be closed if post reach max coins limit.
– WIDGET – POSTS WITH MOST COINS. New widget on right side “Posts having the most coins”. You can check 100 posts with most coins.
– PREMIUM POLL. Sometimes i gonna do some event, like – what video i should buy? Yeah, this is another encourage to buy premium.
– Many bug fixes. Some was very dangerous. Few persons used bug to ad manually premium days etc. Soon i will create post for that. I will not ban cheater on start.
I will give them chance for repentance and some punishment. If that people dont pm me first i will ban them. I have logs, what user buy premium, coins etc.
So there is no way to avoid punishment.

PATCH 2.3 notes + your suggestion

We need to start to prepare to next patch.

– Option to take back your coins. Do you sent coin to the post that isnt popular? You want to take back coins and send it to other post? In next patch you will get that chance.
– Widget with posts that contain highest count of coins. This will help people to know what post have coins
– Emoticons in comments. But this isnt just a normal emoticons!
– Events for premium users. Because you support site by buying premium status, thats why i doing

We will help ero-cosplayers to stand out!

We build together so much in this 1 year. Now we need to get more premium users, and encourage people for buying coins to get new stuff that you guys want.
So the next step will be ero-cosplayer donating. Think about something like that.
To imagine this idea i created some example.



~translated by Cholo


BRAZILIAN/PORTUGUESE (brasileiro/português)

Nós constuimos muitos juntos nesse 1 ano. agora precissamos de mais usuarios vips, e encorajar
as pessoas a comprar moedas e conseguir novos materias que vocês querem.
O proximo passo será “Ero-Cosplay Donatin”. Ao imaginar isso criei alguns exemplo
(na imagem)
Eu sou Nyanyagirl e eu farei um ero-cosplay da hatsune miku se esse post chegar a 50000 coins.
-Cosplay: Hatsune miku de Vocaloid
Video ou imagem: Imagem
Quantas imagem: 250-400
Censura na face: Não
Censura nos mamilos: Não
Censura na genitalias: Não
Cenas de sexo: Não
Cenas grupal: Não(Solo)
Detalhes: Cosplay da hatsune miku focado em bondage, eu usarei uma longa twin tail azul,
Saias, Meias longa, e uma corda vermelha

(Fora da imagem)

Mas isso é apenas uma ideia, eu não vou escrever um mural de detalhes, por que tem muita coisa para
Converse comigo por email, se você esta interessado
~translated by rere2052

SPANISH (Español)

Juntos, nosotros construimos mucho en 1 año. Ahora necesitamos conseguir más usuarios Premium e incentivar la compra de monedas para conseguir nuevas cosas que ustedes quieran.

Así que el siguiente paso va a ser la donación a cosplayers eróticos. Piensa en algo como esto, imagina ésta idea que creé como ejemplo.

Yo soy Nyanyagirl y voy a hacer un cosplay erótico de Hatsune Miku si este post llega a las 50.000 monedas
-Personaje del cosplay: hatsune miku de series de vocaloid
-Vídeo o set de imágenes: set de imágenes
-Cuántas imágenes: 250-400
-Cara censurada: no
-Pezones censurados: no
-Genitales censurados: no
-Escenas de sexo: no
-Escenas en grupo: no (solo)
Detalles: Cosplay de hatsune miku concentrado en la esclavitud. Voy a vestir largas coletas de color aqua, pollera, muslera, tacones altos y correa roja de esclava.

También su primera idea. No quiero escribir sobre muro de texto acerca de los detalles, porque hay muchas cosas que discutir.
Dime lo que piensas de eso. Además, si usted sabe algunos cosplayers están interesados ​​o que están interesados, la tarde conmigo por correo electrónico –
. PD
Si alguien me puede pedir prestado algo de la cuenta Weibo, a la búsqueda de cosas y hablar con los cosplayers sobre algún tipo de cooperación estaré agradecido.
~translated by Gandalfr



Openload as a 2nd download mirror

New stuff will now get 2nd download mirror – openload.
Also if we find somebody who want to help to reupload stuff to openload can pm me on email.
If we find few persons i will think about openload API, thats give chance to upload stuff by our site and will automatically add files to post.
About reward for helping – its for discussion.

Sorry every premium users, by like with videos i cant disable ads for some group. Ads are from openload side, not our.


如果我们能找到一些懂Openload API的人,我们可能有机会通过我们的网站直接上传文件并且加到文章中。

PS 抱歉,各位会员!我没有办法关闭部分广告(例如openload.co在线播放的广告)因为那些广告是Openload的而不是我们的
~translated by Cholo



Because lot of you have same questions i created premium FAQ.
You can find it in INFO tab – PREMIUM FAQ. I will update this FAQ with every popular questions and problems.
Below you can also see text from PREMIUM FAQ: (more…)

Good and bad news about coins system (we need broker)

Good news – my card was accepted in r18 and gyutto.
Bad – but not getchu. I tried my brother card, and some friends. Dropped too.
Now i will start adding coins price in wishlist with that stuff i can buy.

About getchu i have a solution, but i need to help from someone.
Getchu have some coin system too. Lets call it japanese paysafe card.
We just need some brave guy, who will buy it for us. This is broker role.

So, if someone want help gaijins in our sites, because they cant get legally stuff,
because Japan dont care too much about foreigners (Ironically thereby site is alive),
we need broker. You buying sharable currency in getchu shop (its bitcash?), we sending to you money
(in bitoins). About profits, its a subject to negotiations. On start i guarantee premium account permanently.

@edit 12.08.2016
Thx for you respond. We have not few persons who want to help.

What next?

It will be good if someone translate it to other languages, specially in japanese, chinese, vietnam and thai, because its important.

Users with premium dont see our ads, have access to premium zone.
Coin system work too. Soon i will get cards that will be accepted in japanese shops and next step is to ad coins price manually (its long and boring proccess). (more…)

Coin system is here! Read this topic!

3 topics – premium system, coin system and rewards for users.
Ok, we changed server, we implemented new code. Now we have premium system and coin system.
I said before this give us only 50% changes. Why? Because i need to do last step to complete it.
I talking about buying stuff. As you know lot of you have big problem to buy something from Japan.
Thats mean me too! I looking now for some prepaid card from USA, because Japan shops are more opened for USA than payments from Europe. I had one card that work on gyutto and r18, but not on getchu. Actually i dont have any card, so soon i need to spend 100$ specially to buy card. To this time i cant buy nothing. Also dont count i will add coin prices to posts in WISHLIST category in short time. I need to do this manually. (more…)