Openload as a 2nd download mirror

New stuff will now get 2nd download mirror – openload.
Also if we find somebody who want to help to reupload stuff to openload can pm me on email.
If we find few persons i will think about openload API, thats give chance to upload stuff by our site and will automatically add files to post.
About reward for helping – its for discussion.

Sorry every premium users, by like with videos i cant disable ads for some group. Ads are from openload side, not our.


如果我们能找到一些懂Openload API的人,我们可能有机会通过我们的网站直接上传文件并且加到文章中。

PS 抱歉,各位会员!我没有办法关闭部分广告(例如openload.co在线播放的广告)因为那些广告是Openload的而不是我们的
~translated by Cholo



Because lot of you have same questions i created premium FAQ.
You can find it in INFO tab – PREMIUM FAQ. I will update this FAQ with every popular questions and problems.
Below you can also see text from PREMIUM FAQ: (more…)

Good and bad news about coins system (we need broker)

Good news – my card was accepted in r18 and gyutto.
Bad – but not getchu. I tried my brother card, and some friends. Dropped too.
Now i will start adding coins price in wishlist with that stuff i can buy.

About getchu i have a solution, but i need to help from someone.
Getchu have some coin system too. Lets call it japanese paysafe card.
We just need some brave guy, who will buy it for us. This is broker role.

So, if someone want help gaijins in our sites, because they cant get legally stuff,
because Japan dont care too much about foreigners (Ironically thereby site is alive),
we need broker. You buying sharable currency in getchu shop (its bitcash?), we sending to you money
(in bitoins). About profits, its a subject to negotiations. On start i guarantee premium account permanently.

@edit 12.08.2016
Thx for you respond. We have not few persons who want to help.

What next?

It will be good if someone translate it to other languages, specially in japanese, chinese, vietnam and thai, because its important.

Users with premium dont see our ads, have access to premium zone.
Coin system work too. Soon i will get cards that will be accepted in japanese shops and next step is to ad coins price manually (its long and boring proccess). (more…)

Coin system is here! Read this topic!

3 topics – premium system, coin system and rewards for users.
Ok, we changed server, we implemented new code. Now we have premium system and coin system.
I said before this give us only 50% changes. Why? Because i need to do last step to complete it.
I talking about buying stuff. As you know lot of you have big problem to buy something from Japan.
Thats mean me too! I looking now for some prepaid card from USA, because Japan shops are more opened for USA than payments from Europe. I had one card that work on gyutto and r18, but not on getchu. Actually i dont have any card, so soon i need to spend 100$ specially to buy card. To this time i cant buy nothing. Also dont count i will add coin prices to posts in WISHLIST category in short time. I need to do this manually. (more…)

UPDATE 2.2 – We looking for beta testers.

Most of things was done. Now we are looking for beta testers for our coin-system, bitcoin micro-payment system.
Lets talk about requirements and rewards.

Requirements for beta tester:
– You will need to write to me on email (, and say, you want help in beta tests.
– Of course, you need to have some account
– You need to buy bitcoin and next coins. You need to do minimum one transaction for 3$.
– I will say you, for what video you will need send coins.

– 2x more premium days. So normal price is 30 days – 3$. So for 3$ you will earn 60 premium days.
– New user rank (beta tester)

– coin reward without any boost
– When beta phase end, premium days and coins will be shared to your account.


Because there isnt any company, that accept every payment from whole world and every currency, we need to “recommend” users to use some bitmarkets, bitcantors.
Because i dont know what companies are safe in other countries, because i dont use them, thats why i ask you guys for bitmarkets, bitcantors in your country that you use and you know they are safe.
Main bitcoins sellers by country that we need: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, USA. Of course i said “main”. Everyone can recommend some bit sellers in different country.
More safely bit sellers to choice that bigger comfort you will get.


Today you will need to register if you want to comment. Reasons?
1. We have too much spam.
2. People adding fake email adress while writing comments. When i deleting comment i writing to user reason, so if he added fake email i writing it for nothing.
3. We will get better quality comments.

Now its good too, because we have over 2 000 registered users and its very nice specially for that type site like us.
So i recommend everyone to register and read FAQ