Help us to grow up! Share on forums, site, fb, other social media,
on internet! As you see i upgrading site, looking for solution for comforable using for users
so you dont need to wait for links, and you have less ads. I you appreciate my efforts help
site. If you think deserves to be nr.1 site with cosplay jav help it to be that nr.1

If you have some idea, suggestion, help in some other way but you need my support pm me on email (contact tab)
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New posts design / less posts

As you see, new scheme have only new posts. Older post must be edited manually.
This is very boring and long job (i think is something like 40-60h of work).
For this time i will ad less post (something like 2,3 daily), and i will focus on
posts editing. Also you can help me in other way like adding post to order video category.
As you know adding only info in post (tags, cover, thumbnails, searching for name of series, actress etc),
its something like 1h for 5,6 posts. If you will create all scheme and my job will be only to ad thumbnails,
tags and uploade video will cut down time. 2.0 UPDATE

Today we upload new code. You can help us to check it.
If you see some bugs pm me on email
What new?
– register on site
– add posts to order video category (you must be registered)
– add post to favorites
– New tabs “news, order video, series list”
– series list (for now i must add it manually so you must wait when list will work properly)
– 2 buttons in front page “cover, thumbnails button”
– New post template
– New ads system (no shortlinks, no waiting. Old posts will be edited manually)
– New comments


我们在今天更新了网站代码,请大家在使用过程中帮忙测试有无 BUG。






-新的导航栏 新闻/待购/作品系列


-新增两个功能 封面/截图预览