I thought we ended this topic, but again i gets lof messages, because probably Munster started fight again in other site with one group.
Maybe because we talked about that in some random topic, not in news topic. So all problem in this issue will be solved in this post.

So there is some closed chinese group, that buys stuff. It works about simple system. To be a member you need to be recommended by someone from group, and you need to pay membership fees.
Everything was great, because owner of that group earn lot of money to this time. Some stuff was go out, but that was not a often done. But over 1 year ago situation changed a little because i created cosplayjav.pl. Because we are not another copy-paste site, people started support our project, even some members of closed groups.
Members of that group preffer opened group with small membership fees like our 2$, not 10,20$ in closed group, so they started helping us.
Of course greedy owner of closed group start losing money, so thats why they attacking us in other sites, forums.

One time he wrote to me. He said something, he uploaded something like 60-70% (im not joking) of jav videos and i must remove from my files site name in titles and add their name of group. Of course is so stupid and just looks like provocation. As a proof he sent me screen about some rar files, lol! Good proof as hell.
In this situation i just said i can add information about his group in that files that he will send me directly, because i will know this stuff is shared by him, because everyone can said he uploaded 70% jav videos in internet. So he started insult me, and threaten, he will watermark his stuff.
Of course i said “go on”. We have stuff with hard, big, yellow, chinese watermark, and i still upload it, and somehow i not lose users for that chinese sites.
Lot of time has passed and i dont see in any video watermarked with site name, maybe because that, its a closed group, lol 😉

In the end, greedy owner can only yell on other sites, and we will still do our job. Im even want to go on some conensus. MORE! Its possible to cooperate, but someone only think about money and he want only fight (even if he cant win. Its a totally madnesss amuck). I get consensus with real authors, not uploaders so this is even possible.

In sum. this closed group isnt share stuff for free. They started sharing it to everyone, because some of their members started sending to us their stuff. Its just thinking “better if that stuff will be shared to everyone, than this will be in only one hands, especially cosplayjav.pl, because if they will get unique stuff, we will lost our members, because they will pick to pay 2$ monthy, than 10$, 20$ in our group”. Its logic move.

And i dont want to tell a lies like this guy, im not earning from our site. Yes, i have profit, because this isnt easy job. This take lot of time. When in holidays lot of copy-paste sites stopped adding new stuff i still doing my job, because i taking this business seriously. When i taking some project i trying to do my best. So as you see i working in every day in year. I have something like 3000 emails and i answered to everyone
Also i rebuild, upgrade our site, that any site doing that. Premium system, coin system, bitcoin payment system, the fastest file hosting like openload, mega, video online, wishlist system, solid stuff information, lot of tags in posts, refflinks, really, hard to said every modification that we created.

The giant leap will be when we start promoting cosplayers, or creating them! And little offtopic. For example lot of Chinese cosplayers is really interested for some cooperation, but most of them dont know english (im too but i trying!), and thats why we dont have offerts and i cant too give them. So you can help them as a translator!
So fight with liars in internet, say truth, and help us to grow up! Because if we are bigger we can do bigger things!




(star) 19 October 2016 17:13

One objection. I didnt started any fight. I saw imageset that one guy upload and he said “i found it somewhere” so i said i see watermark on some image and source is cosplayjav.pl.



(star) 19 October 2016 18:00

I enjoyed the part that says “Munster started a fight again”



(administrator) 19 October 2016 18:01

Ok, sorry. I wanted to say you just get a bait.



(nobleman) 19 October 2016 18:56

I dont have problem about that, they trying to protect that stuff they bought, but they just lying.
Really 60-70% od internet ROMs?
Porn Samaritan? Make free jav great again? XD
cosplayjav.pl is that evil site, that stole something? They have copyright for that uploaded stuff? Where in this place are real authors, copyright owners?
That guys first need to say truth. Because they are not doing that, that means they have profit from that lies.



(nobleman) 20 October 2016 16:31

Fuck this chinese people from closed groups. We just need to do our job and try to be independent.
More users, more premiums, more people who want donate posts, faster we kick chinese greedy sites.



(subscriber) 2 December 2016 19:59

Why they attack only cosplayjav.pl?
I know many other sites that doing this too.
Why they focus on attack than searching people from group that share it to others?
Theoretically if cosplayjav.pl will be closed, other site still copy it. If every site will go down, we will see new sites.
If someone copy this stuff from closed group why they are still closed group? For normal user like me is good, that someone share it to me, because i dont have option to be in this closed group, even if i want to pay for it.

I saw on torrents that encourage for attack on cosplayjav.pl and i really dont trust that chinese guy. Too many lies and he dont want to answer for questions like i said.