premium file download problem

#edited – Problem fixed 🙂

We know about this problem. Its connected with SSL certificate. Soon we will fix it, so please be patient.
temporary solution – change https to http for example,NnJLZ2Uxd3dhTWU4FSDFGDFdsfSGMVmhMMmU3M1lwM2JT
for that,NnJLZ2Uxd3dhTWU4FSDFGDFdsfSGMVmhMMmU3M1lwM2JT

Items by users

Because in some times i have lot of job, and my email is totally mess with tons of messages, please dont be mad when i dont answer, or i anwering after long time.
Mess is also about organize all things. When someone share some item i need to check, we have it or its easly available in internet. also sometimes few users share same item without info about full title, link to shop etc, and its more problematic.
Be sure i have all emails, and i will check every msg but in some chronology

Login, register problem

I couldnt answer via email to everyone. i know about login, buying premium problem.
Problem is solved.
If from now someone still have problem report via email (send it 2nd time, because sometimes email can go to spam folder).

We noticed again problem but with creating transaction. Soon we will fix it.

transactions fixed

we need translate text to japanese and chinese

I talking about text in videos bought by users. Really i dont like to waste time for rendering video. It take so much time, but greedy people forced us to that.
I know we cant stop that proceed, buy we can inform people about adventages and disadventages.
Thats why we need text in 3 most popular languages on site – english, japanese and chinese.
So if someone want help our society, he can translate this text to japanese and chinese
vide bought by users from
join to us to ger more stuff together!

if you watch this on other site you support wrong guys.
remember, less support we get, less videos you will see so you lose too.
of course best way is to support author.
We have in premium section 900 posts. Looks like not everyone ais such a greedy person to beg on other sites for free copies than send few dollars to get stuff together! 😉 (more…)