File migration to another files hosting

For more like 1 month i was focused on reuploading lot of terabytes to another hosting.
Because people are not too much interested in premium to support site, we was forced to remove 2 dedicated servers (that was too expensive).
Now files gonna be in free file hosting filelu. non registered users on filelu gonna have 15GB daily transfer bandwidth, registered 20GB (so 5GB less than now).

Competitive sites who want take our site down.

DDoS, reporting files without having copyrights to that, threatening and other illegal activites you can see this by competitive sites.
We working something like 6 years and trying to keep files alive. Torrents faster or sooner gonna die.
But some greedy people want to harm us, talking about “ehentai, nyaa doing that for free”. Yeah, they dont have ads and they doing it charity, lol.
These are just excuses of competitive sites.

What we can do?
– Support our site
– If you have knowledge, you can target persons like that ( and report to the relevant authorities
– If you have other ideas, write it here

If situation will not change, we gonna be forced to double the premium price (even for people who bought premium), to get money for IT specialist who will monitor our site.
It all depends on you, if you want to keep site alive, you need to help us as you can, guys.

BTC high fees

Because we have boom for BTC and transactions fees are high i recommend people to
1. buy premium for 1 year to avoid bigger fees
2. use LTC, because give you option to pay also with Litecoins, and there are lower fees

premium file download problem

#edited – Problem fixed 🙂

We know about this problem. Its connected with SSL certificate. Soon we will fix it, so please be patient.
temporary solution – change https to http for example,NnJLZ2Uxd3dhTWU4FSDFGDFdsfSGMVmhMMmU3M1lwM2JT
for that,NnJLZ2Uxd3dhTWU4FSDFGDFdsfSGMVmhMMmU3M1lwM2JT

Big video migration to premium section

Because i get dozen of reports about dead links i need to write this here. i know about that, you dont need to report me. I cant reupload hundreds dead files in 1 month (maybe if i will stop adding daily stuff),
Soon files will be uploaded and this time deleted files will be moved to premium section.
Thats why i appeal to everyone to think about consequences, and do not share files anywhere.
If we get problem with files in premium section we will need to think about dedicated server faster than we thought.
Thats mean bigger prices for premium accounts. We will not give up! So support us!